Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support Group

Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support Group is a registered Scottish charity which provides support to individuals & families in Lanarkshire who are affected by Epilepsy.

Management Committee

Following our AGM on 29th September 2016, the current members of our management committee are:

  • Iona Taylor
  • Phil Robinson
  • Helen MacDonald
  • Gillian Fairservice
  • David Purss

Professional Advisory Panel

At our first Annual General Meeting in June 2011, we decided to ask some experts from different fields to join a Professional Advisory Panel from whom we can seek advice and support. So far the following have kindly agreed to join the Panel:

  • Dr John Paul Leach – Consultant Epileptologist
  • Dr Chris Mackintosh – G.P.
  • David Craig – Education Officer

Epilepsy in Lanarkshire

  • Approximately 1 in 130 people have epilepsy over all age groups.
  •  1 in 200 children have epilepsy.
  •  1 in 90 people over the age of 65 have epilepsy.
  • 1 in 80 people over the age of 75 have epilepsy.
  • There are an estimated 4,528 people with epilepsy, living in Lanarkshire health board area (Gros-public health 2009-10).
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Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support shared Channel 4 News's New app helps prevent epilepsy deaths. ...

"If we'd had the information available to us, things could have been different." This new app could save your life if you have epilepsy.

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Registered as a charity in Scotland (SCO43069).

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