Catching up with Kevin

Catching up with Kevin

Kevin McKay has taken up post as our Community Fieldworker. Here’s what he had to say when we caught up with him for a chat…

Hi Kevin – welcome to Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support! Tell us a bit about your background and what attracted you to working for the organisation.

I worked in homelessness for four years prior to starting with Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support. This was mainly focused on mental health support, addictions and welfare advocacy, often in an environment of crisis. Within this setting, I also worked with numerous people coping with various types of seizures in their day-to-day lives and began to understand the impact this had on their family, friends, finances, opportunities and various other factors, which I’d been completely ignorant of before. That being said, like too many people in society, I had no real understanding of epilepsy until it came directly to my door. My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015 at the age of four, and from then on her life, and by extension our own, has changed in relation to the care and medication that she requires daily. She is positive about everything despite the issues she must contend with at such a young age and my motivation to help others feel that they are not on their own, that there is somewhere to turn to now in your area where there wasn’t before. I live in Glasgow with my fiancée, two daughters and my overly affectionate and increasingly large dog Bonnie, who protects us all from the evil postman.

What’s involved in your role at Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support?

My role is to be the initial point of contact with those who first come across our website, Facebook group or reach us through word of mouth. So phone me, text me or message me through the group and I’ll get back to you and do my very best to support you!

Partnerships of support between people, whether that be online or face to face, are important to all of us. Epilepsy can be a very isolating condition and it’s good to know that if you can’t make it out to meetings, or don’t feel up for a visit, there’s a supportive place online where our staff and peers will endeavour to help with whatever you need. If I or my colleagues don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does, as we are building partnerships with different organisations around Lanarkshire, which will hopefully benefit all of those who have Epilepsy in the area – despite its vastness!  

And finally – what would your superpower be and why?

Telepathy – so I could win the occasional argument at home!

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