International Bureau for Epilepsy Conference

14370380_1391359990893593_8492489139851703028_n 14445998_1391340750895517_7364176369234225010_n 14462911_1391340837562175_4587969269472594280_n 14449713_1391340587562200_5567042985840752381_n 14463211_1391340124228913_5945399307210745807_nIn September, members of the Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support Group attended the International Bureau for Epilepsy 2016 Conference in Prague. It was an opportunity to meet up with other organisations that support people with epilepsy across the world. The programme included interesting sessions by Professor Gus Baker on Epilepsy and Memory, a Fundraising Workshop by Philip Lee from Epilepsy Action and a session by Professor Ann Jacoby on Overcoming Stigma in Education and Employment.

It is hoped that transcripts of the sessions, or audio files, will be made available as downloads on the website shortly.

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