What We do

What We Do

FAMILYThe aim of the group is to provide support, to raise awareness and increase understanding of the effects of epilepsy and to establish monthly meetings with the purpose of overcoming the ignorance, fear and misunderstanding that often comes with epilepsy. Greater understanding will assist people in living a fuller life in terms of education, employment and social and recreational opportunities.

Contact with others affected by epilepsy or with an understanding of the condition can help to reduce isolation caused by fear of reactions to seizures or the over-protection of well meaning parents, carers and family members. Communities that are inclusive of people affected by epilepsy will become aware of the inequalities that are presently hidden and through that awareness have the opportunity to overcome them by the provision of up to date information, support, understanding and advocacy aimed at securing practical and emotional support.

Group Meetings 2018

Group meetings are held regularly in either Hairmyres or Wishaw General Hospitals. Please check our Facebook page or give us a call for more information. If you are a member of our closed Facebook group, you can access meeting information in the group’s events tab.

The meetings are informal and often we have speakers to provide us with information regarding other services, benefits or changes within the NHS. Everyone is welcome whether you have epilepsy, care for someone with epilepsy or are interested in learning more.

Awareness Raising

The Group’s awareness raising activities have included the making of a short film,  Hidden Strings. The film is now available to be shown to groups in the community as part of our awareness-raising programme.

We regularly attend events to provide information about the services we offer in Lanarkshire.

Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support is a member of Epilepsy Consortium Scotland (ECS). ECS is the Scottish national umbrella body for organisations and individuals concerned about epilepsy, and acts as a collective voice for the wider epilepsy community in Scotland.

Social Events

Over the past 12 months we have been out for a few meals, been 10 pin bowling, had a quiz, held some family fun events and been on an adventure weekend. Who says we can’t because we have epilepsy!


Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. It takes places every year on 26 March.

Do what you can to raise awareness.

  • Wear Purple.
  • Dye your Hair Purple!
  • Make Purple Cakes.
  • Turn your social media pofile Purple.
  • … Really anything Purple!



With funding from the National Lottery’s ‘Investing in Ideas’ Fund we were able to commission Able Consultancy to carry out a survey and uncover the views of people affected by epilepsy professionals and members of the general public about what kinds of support are needed by people with epilepsy in Lanarkshire.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded from here, but the main finding were that the emphasis should be on group and individual support, including help with the benefits system and awareness raising.

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Registered as a charity in Scotland (SCO43069).

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