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1 in every 103 people in the UK has epilepsy, making it one of the most common neurological conditions. And yet, it is a condition misunderstood by many. Anyone – of any race, sex or age – can be affected by epilepsy. It causes seizures to happen when electrical activity in the brain is disrupted.

Since Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support Group was formed in 2011, it has sought to:

  • Provide support
  • Raise awareness
  • Increase understanding
  • Assist in overcoming the ignorance and fear of epilepsy

Over time, we recognised that there was a need for children and families affected by epilepsy to come together, for all kinds of reasons (positive and negative)…

The not-so-good-reasons…feeling like you were the only person with epilepsy…embarrassed about having seizures, and people’s response when they happen…missing out on everyday social life…being excluded from fun activities…well-meaning, but over-protective restrictions (“wrapped-up in cotton wool”)…brothers and sisters getting sidelined, or taking on caring responsibilities…

The best reasons…sharing information and education about epilepsy and seizures…talking with people who are going through similar experiences (newly-diagnosed, medications and treatments, transitions at nursery, primary, secondary and onto young adulthood)…sense of togetherness…peer support…DOING FUN THINGS!

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